About Leading Edge


Leading Edge Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the the industry with the absolute finest quality products and unparalleled service to our customers throughout North America and beyond.

We are Leading Edge.

We supply and manufacture parts and materials for the fenestration industry and beyond.  From our Intercept Coil Spacers, to our Two-Tone Aluminum, Leading Edge is constantly searching for new and innovative products to meet the demands of our clientele.  We are constantly evolving with the primary goal of providing the best possible experience in terms of overall value.  We do not deviate from quality by using non-prime or sub-par raw materials or manufacturing practices.

The quality of our manufactured goods and the consistency with which we deliver are but two reasons why Leading Edge is the foremost supplier for the fenestration industry.

With this in mind, Leading Edge has developed a philosophy that fully embraces the way we strive to do business.  We pride ourselves on our consistency, the quality of our products and service, and an unsurpassed dedication to our customers.  Our customers, suppliers, and our dedicated employees are the foundation of our business.

A History of Leading Edge

bob thoman

Bob Thoman
Leading Edge Founder

Founder Bob Thoman

Bob Thoman served as the Executive VP at Glass Equipment Development (GED) when the Intercept spacer frame system was first introduced to the window and door market in 1992.

In 1994, Bob left GED and moved over to Edge Seal Technologies which eventually became Intigral. Edge Seal was the first manufacturing location for the Intercept process.  Bob, along with then-president of Edge Seal Mike McHugh, saw a need for a reliable and consistent means of supplying tin plate coil for Intercept.

Initially the supply chain for TinPlate consisted of generic metal suppliers who had poor quality and long lead-times. “We’re not making tin cans; we’re making windows.”  Together, Thoman and McHugh came up with a solution.  They specified quality raw materials designed exclusively for the Intercept Spacer System.  Under tight manufacturing tolerances and mill partnerships, they were able to find a tin plate steel supply that helped Edge Seal improve the quality, delivery, and price of the material consumed by the manufacturing process.  This milestone was the genesis of the simple yet never-before-attempted concept of delivering quality products to the entire window industry.

In 1995, Thoman and McHugh founded Leading Edge. In the first year, these pioneers in the window supply industry established two new distribution locations in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Using the same philosophy that started the business—the focus upon quality and industry—the company added more products: coated aluminum coil used in the production of muntins and screen frames and fasteners for Intercept. Leading Edge has continually worked to improve the performance of these products, introducing other spacer innovations such as BlackLine and Thin Star spacer and two tone muntin bar coil.

Leading Edge designs and develops innovative, state-of-the-art products and solutions.  We push the envelope when it comes to providing the absolute finest quality.  This is truly what separates us from our competitors.


Dave Thoman

Dave Thoman

Dave Thoman, President

Dave Thoman joined Leading Edge after thirteen years in the packaging industry.  His previous experience in manufacturing and processes covered multiple industries—medical, food, logistics, and automation—and he served in a variety of capacities, holding positions as business director, sales & distribution, and management.

In 2012, Dave took his experience to Leading Edge and has continued to strengthen the brand and the company by focusing on products, processes, employees, logistics, and innovation.  Today, Leading Edge has redundant manufacturing of nearly all products.

The trifecta of innovation, R&D, and quality—combined—remains the first priority for Leading Edge.

For Dave Thoman, the recipe for success is simple:  Focus on quality.  “We have invested wisely in our manufacturing, our employees, and our infrastructure.  We have robust, long-term partnerships with our mill and raw material suppliers and service centers.  As a result, we maintain a strong core business and process which has enabled us to handle the growth and development of our business without losing focus on our promise to our customers.  Because they are considered our partners, we listen to our customers so we learn how to be better.”

Doug Schar
Sales Manager

Doug Schar, Sales Manager

Doug Schar joined Leading Edge in 2001 after 20 years of insulated glass and window manufacturing operations management experience.  The extensive knowledge gained with managing a multiple shift operations facility, along with procurement and customer service duties, defines Doug’s insight into the minds of Leading Edge’s customer base.  Doug serves as a support line for our sales force, and his experience is a critical piece to our success.

With a firm grasp on quality Intercept IG, successful manufacturing methods, and real world experience, Doug is always willing to offer his understanding of the many challenges manufacturers face with proper insulated glass craftsmanship. Utilizing his vast industry knowledge, Doug represents a genuine concern for his customers and the products they produce.

A key component of our customer-vendor relationship is the ability to listen to customers’ feedback in terms of how Leading Edge can improve its products and services. Success in manufacturing, which begins with quality materials, is a shared philosophy at the very heart of both Leading Edge and its emissary Doug Schar.