ThinStar Intercept Spacer
thinstar stacer
ThinStar Spacer

ThinStar Intercept Ultra Tin Plate

Leading Edge’s ThinStar was developed to interchange with .0078 gauge EdgeStar stainless steel for GED’s Ultra Spacer System

ThinStar provides the option of less expensive tin plate material where the performance and additional cost of stainless is unneccessary.  GED and Leading Edge have worked together to develop this unique alloy which has given birth to this value-added product.  Additionally, GED has exclusively designated Leading Edge the the only approved supplier of ThinStar.

In today’s window performance-driven environment, ThinStar offers a conductivity value of 51.6 as documented by the NFRC.

Leading Edge’s ThinStar is an example of our commitment to enhancing current systems by providing savings through the development of alternative materials.

Creating solutions, which results from understanding our customer’s needs, are a core value of Leading Edge’s exclusive focus on the window & door industry.

User Benefits

  • Interchangeable with .0078 Ultra Stainless Steel Coil
  • Lower Cost alternative to stainless steel
  • Cost per linear foot comparable to Intercept Tinplate
  • Approved by major sealant / matrix suppliers
  • Peace of mind with GED’s extensive testing and support

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Exclusive supplier of GED’s ThinStar
  • System-matched for GED Ultra Systems
  • Multiple products from a single supplier
  • Stocked sizes across North America
  • Only supplier providing coil products specifically to window & door manufacturers

Technical Specifications

  • Compliances:  Energy Star, H. B. Fuller TMHM-067, GED Intercept®, NFRC, & Kommerling
  • Material Thickness:  0.0078″ + / – 0.0004
  • Cut Slit Width Tolerance:  + 0.000″ / – 0.005″ burr-free edge
  • Coil Core Size I.D.:  16″
  • Coil Weight of 1″ Wide:  225# (approximate)
  • Linear Feet / Coil:  8500 ft (approximate)

Technical Data Sheet on ThinStar Intercept Ultra Tin Plate

Note:  Proper tooling is required to run ThinStar on GED Ultra Spacer Systems

Common Spacer / Coil Sizes

coil size chart
Coil Size Chart