Blackline Intercept Spacer System

The Blackline Spacer System was originally introduced as a Warm Edge stainless steel spacer.  However, because of its increasing popularity, Leading Edge has added this spacer for all the current Intercept spacer systems.

Blackline Spacers are designed to eliminate the view of the spacer, which makes for a beautifully finished window.  The spacer disappears in the sash, improving the aesthetics of the windows in which they are placed.

Blackline Intercept Spacers use less expensive carbon steel materials when the performance and additional cost of stainless is deemed unnecessary.  GED and Leading Edge have worked together to develop this unique alloy in order to provide customers with a value-added product that still looks good.  Blackline Intercept Spacers are available for both Intercept and ULTRA machines.

Why not differentiate yourself from the market?  Blackline Intercept Spacers elevates windows into an entirely new level.

User Benefits

  • Available in both Intercept & Ultra machines
  • Interchangeable with .0078 Ultra stainless steel coil
  • Improved roll forming and reduced tooling wear
  • Premium product aesthetics at an Intercept cost
  • Approved by major sealant / matrix suppliers
  • Peace of mind with GED’s extensive testing and support

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Leading Edge is GED’s exclusive provider
  • System-matched for Intercept and ULTRA Systems
  • Multiple products from a single supply source
  • Stocked sizes are available across North America
  • Leading Edge is the only supplier providing coil products specifically to window & door manufacturers

Technical Specifications—Raw Materials

  • Compliances:  Energy Star, PPG, GED Intercept, H.B. Fuller, and Kommerling
  • Material:  Black Plate Steel or 301 Stainless
  • Material Thickness:  0.0105″ or 0.008″
  • Architectural Testing:  ASTM E2188 / E2190 IG Durability
  • Cut Slid Width Tolerance:  +0.000″ /- 0.005″ burr-free edge
  • Temper:  T-4 (AIM 58-64) RW 30-T continuous annealing process
  • Coil Core Size (I.D.):  16″
  • Coil O.D.:  36″ maximum
  • Coil Weight of 1″ Wide:  225# (approximate)
  • Linear Feet / Coil:  6400 ft (approximate)

Technical Specifications—Surface Coating

  • Product:  Non-Fogging Polyester Paint
  • Color & Finish:  Gloss Black
  • Coating Thickness / Side:  0.0006″ to 0.0007″
  • Hardness:  F Eagle Turquoise
  • Solvent Resistance:  50+ Double Rubs, MEK
  • Flexibility:  O-T Bend

Technical Data Sheet for Blackline Spacer Systems

Note:  Both sides of the material are coated using identical material.  The requirements for substrate pre-treatment, coating thickness, flexibility, hardness, adhesion, and chemical resistance are specified and controlled.  Values contained on this table are for reference purposes only.

Blackline ULTRA

Common Spacer / Coil Sizes

Blackline Standard

coil sizes 2
Common Spacer / Coil Sizes