4th Corner Fasteners


OptiClose™ Smarter Closure Gas Filling System

OptiClose Gas Filling System

Leading Edge is the exclusive supplier of OptiClose™ Systems by Integrated Automation Systems.  The IAS OptiClose is designed as to be a lower profile option compared to other fasteners on the market.  Acting as a rivet, the OptiClose plug locks into the spacer with either a manual or a pneumatic tool (offered by IAS).  The OptiClose design allows for a metal to metal contact with the opening for a more secure closure option.  This also allows more room for sealant behind the closure.This opening is 350% larger than the standard 4 mm holes in most Intercept spacer systems, allowing for faster gas filling, particularly when coupled with an IAS OptiGas System.

User Benefits

  • 350% larger opening than standard options
  • Better metal to metal seal reduces gas loss
  • Low profile; more room for sealant
  • Secured with manual or pneumatic tool
  • Available in black

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Stocked across North America
  • Innovative product
  • Low minimum

Technical Specifications (patent pending)

  • Material:  TinPlate
  • PunchKit:  GED Engineered Kit
  • Compliance:  GED Approved; ASTM 2190
  • Automation:  Available via IAS
  • Case Quantity:  5.000 / boxed 20,000

Technical Data Sheet on Opti-Close and 4th Corner Fasteners

Smarter Closure
OptiClose Smarter Closure

How does Opti-Close work?

Screws v. Rivets

Zinc Finish Black
3mm, 4mm, & 5mm screws in a zinc finish colored black
Zinc Finish Screws
3mm, 4mm, & 5mm screws in a zinc finish
Capillary Screws
Capillary Screws

In an Intercept Spacer System, several options exist for a 4th Corner Fastener.  While some users will employ the use of a rivet, screws have been found to be 30% faster to use than a rivet.  Moreover, the cost of using a screw can be as much as 50% less than a rivet.

Leading Edge provides users with several options for screws, all of which are designed as a lower profile option that does not affect the performance of a fastener.  Leading Edge fastener screws are available in 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm sizes in a natural zinc finish.  We also offer our fasteners in black to complement the look of our Blackline Intercept Spacer.  Our capillary screw (patent pending) is designed to accommodate our capillary tubes and features a precision hole through the center.

User Benefits

  • Ease of use—30% reduction in labor v. rivets
  • Lower cost—50% lower cost than rivets
  • PPG tested and approved for Intercept
  • Low profile head with minimal intrusion into the spacer frame

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Stocked across North America
  • Competitive prices
  • Low minimums

Technical Specifications

  • Material:  Type “C” steel
  • Heat Treated:  Case hardened
  • Finish:  Zinc electroplated and baked silver zinc / matte black
  • Sizes:  3 mm, 4 mm, & 5 mm / Capillary
  • Case Quantity:  20,000 / box