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Window Door LogoWe’ve all thought we could get away with cutting corners at some point in our lives, right?  Especially when we’re young, full of ourselves, and missing half a lifetime’s worth of experiences to draw upon. Read how something as simple as a wrinkled shirt helped shape one company CEO’s attentive nature and circumspection in the latest edition of W&D Weekly.

Why Automation is Good for the Fenestration Industry


Nate Huffman Automation Article for DWM Magazine

Nate Huffman, FeneTech Business Development & Sales

Nate Huffman’s recent article, “Finders Keepers … Automation Retains Talent, Increases Production, Reduces Overhead” appeared in DWM Magazine’s March 2016 issue. The article outlines how automation is actually good for the fenestration industry in terms of hiring and retaining quality employees.  This philosophy is contrary to what many in manufacturing have been led to believe.

“Automation and technology have increased productivity and quality in manufacturing, especially within the fenestration industry.” — Nate Huffman

Huffman goes on to list several applications that have actually proven to do just what the title suggests:  Retain talent, increase production, and reduce overhead.


The key to inspiring employees

“Inspire your employees to walk your walk and watch your team march down the field toward the goal.”

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How did an empty cup inspire one company’s mission statement?  The answer is both surprisingly simple yet deeply profound.

“The principle here is universal, whether you’re working for an amusement park, a window company, or a supplier to the industry. Does your company have a customer-centric philosophy?”

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