Tin Plate Lite

Tin Plate Lite
Tin Plate Lite Manufacturing
tin plate lite

Tin Plate Lite—System-matched and guaranteed to run on GED Intercept® Spacer Frame machines

Tin Plate Lite® was designed in conjunction with GED as an improvement to standard Tin Plate Steel Coil on the Intercept roll former.  Tin Plate Lite is designed with a specific formulation for improved equipment performance and overall lower operating costs.

No equipment adjustments are needed to run Tin Plate Lite.  Moreover, Tin Plate Lite reduces build-up by 90%, which reduces overall maintenance and per unit manufacturing costs.

Tin Plate Lite is the new alternative steel coil for your roll former frame building machinery.

User Benefits

  • 90% less build-up on GED Intercept roll formers
  • No equipment adjustments needed
  • Reduced labor & production costs
  • Approved by four major sealant manufacturers

Leading Edge Benefits

  • System-matched GED approved material
  • All prime material
  • Stocked sizes across North America
  • Competitive pricing

Technical Specifications

  • Compliances:  GED Intercept, H.B.Fuller, PPG, & Kommerling
  • Architectural Testing:  ASTM E2188  E2190 IG Durability
  • Material Thickness:  0.0105″ + / – 0.0005
  • Weight:  95# per base box (0.0105″) thickness
  • Temper:  T-4 (AIM 58-64 RW 90-t)
  • Finish:  5# finish (AIM 45 + / – 15 micro-inches)
  • Oil Level:  ATBC oil level 1 with minimum chemtreat -CDC-5 450 + / – 100 microgram / square ft
  • Cut Slit Width Tolerance:  + 0.000″ / – 0.005″ burr-free edge
  • Coil Core Size I.D.:  16″
  • Coil O.D.:  36″ maximum
  • Coil Weight of 1″ Wide:  225# (approximate)
  • Linear Feet / Coil:  6400 ft (approximate)

Technical Data Sheet on Tin Plate Lite

Common Spacer / Coil Sizes

tpl coil chart
All coils are wrapped in an anti-corrosive film and specially packaged to prevent shipping damage