Two-Tone Grid Coil


Solid Colors

Two-Tone Color Samples
Just a sample of the many colors available

Wood Grain Patterns

Wood Grain Samples
A sample of the many wood grain patterns available

Two-Tone Grid Coil

Customization is key in the building products industry.

Leading Edge supplies the only process-patented, Two-Tone processed grid coil that is GED approved.  Various colors and combinations are available, and a low minimum order of one coil guarantees that your inventory will never be overstocked.

User Benefits

  • Over 30 colors and styles
  • Multitude of combinations available
  • Design-friendly and customizable
  • Protective packaging
  • Stock and custom sizes available

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Patented Two-Tone process
  • GED approved
  • Low minimum of one coil