Capillary Tubes

Capillary Tubes
Capillary Tubes
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Capillary Tubes, bundled

Capillary Tubes

Capillary tubes are inserted into IG units to equalize the pressure between the inside and outside of the unit.  These tubes are designed to allow airflow in or out of the insulated air space.

Why is this important?  When transporting, IG units experience a change in elevation or 2.000 feet or more along the route from the manufacturer to the installation site.  Depending upon the type of spacer system or sealants used, the IG unit might be compromised unless there is a way to equalize the positive or negative pressure.

Leading Edge capillary tubes are available in both hard and soft (annealed) stainless steel.  Both products are the same dimensions and are functionally identical—the decision lies with the customer. Hard tubes are more rigid and thus easier to insert into the IG unit; soft tubes are easier to bend, particularly in a fast-paced production environment.

User Benefits

  • Equalize pressure of the IG unit
  • Less visual distortion
  • Less seal stress
  • Maintain proper airspace thickness

Leading Edge Benefits

  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Stocked across North America
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low minimums

Technical Specifications

  • Material:  Stainless Steel T304; Soft (annealed)
  • Inside Diameter:  0.0200″ (0.533 mm)
  • Outside Diameter:  0.0320″ (0.812 mm)
  • Length:  12″ (304.8 mm)
  • Bundled:  1,000 (minimum order)
  • Case Quantity:  Hard = 5,000; Soft = 1,000 piece bundle @20,000 per case

Technical Data Sheet on Capillary Tubes