InterGrid & ScreenFrame


InterGrid & ScreenFrame Painted Aluminum Coil


Leading Edge was the first and remains the only approved coil supplier for GED InterGrid and ContourGrid muntin roll forming machinery.

Our product works and our competitors’ product doesn’t.  Why?  We stick with the highest quality raw materials and we never deviate from that standard.

Because Leading Edge offers over 30 combinations of solid colors, two-tone, and wood grain coated aluminum coil, window manufacturers now have the flexibility to differentiate their product line.  Additionally, the production process virtually eliminates scrap and reduces labor.  The coated aluminum coil passes both Canadian fog and UV exposure standards.

Leading Edge continues to expand our innovative products with additional colors and patterns.

User Benefits

    • Improved overall window aesthetics
    • Options to differentiate product offerings
    • Works with aluminum, vinyl, or wood windows & patio doors
    • Lower cost alternative to pre-formed muntin
    • Maintains IG airspace integrity

Leading Edge Benefits

    • System-matched GED approved material
    • Highest quality prime material
    • Over 30 combinations of solid colors, two-tone, & wood grain
    • Tight manufacturing tolerances
    • Stocked sizes across North America
    • Competitive pricing

Technical Specifications—Painted Aluminum Coil

  • Compliances:  Dallas Laboratories (fog test GED InterGrid / ContourGrid)
  • Material:  3105 aluminum alloy
  • Material Thickness:  0.014″ to 0.030″ plus coating
  • Cut Slit Width Tolerance:  + / – 0.003″ burr-free edge
  • Coil Core Size (I.D.):  16″ standard
  • Coil O.D.:  36″ standard
  • Linear Feet / Coil:  3,000 ft (approximate)

Technical Specifications—Coating

  • Hardness:  ASTM-3363
  • Flexibility:  NCCA II-19
  • Solvent Resistence:  NCCA No. II-18
  • Adhesion-Impact:  NCCA No. II-6
  • Cross-Hatch:  NCCA No. II-6
  • QUV Resistance:  ASTM G-53
  • Humidity Exposure:  ASTM D-2247
  • Salt Spray:  ASTM B-117

Technical Data Specifications Sheet for InterGrid & ContourGrid

Note:  This coating is specifically formulated for the window industry.  It is a high molecular weight resin, which is exceptionally flexible with long-lasting color protection.  It is a non-fogging coating developed specifically for muntin bar and screenframe.

Color Samples

Note:  Color appearance may vary depending on the media upon which this is viewed or printed.  Samples are available upon request.

Two-Tone Color Samples
Just a sample of the many colors available


Profiles & Widths