EdgeStar Stainless Steel Intercept
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EdgeStar Stainless Steel Intercept

The EdgeStar Stainless Steel Coil is system matched and guaranteed to run on the GED Intercept® Ultra Spacer System.  EdgeStar Stainless spacers enhance Warm-Edge technology, which reduces heat transfer at the edge of an IG unit. Intercept Ultra Stainless Steel is impervious to gas transmission, which significant improvement of strength and gas retention over
other spacer systems. This improvement allows manufacturers to meet Energy Star performance requirements.

The Intercept® Ultra Spacer System is the highest productivity and lowest cost warm edge spacer system.  Leading Edge is the only supplier approved by GED for all equipment materials. ie: 301 Stainless Steel, Tin Plate, Thin Tin Plate, and Coated Aluminum. As a result, GED honors equipment warranties and provides peace of mind that IG quality and performance are not compromised with unapproved materials.

User Benefits

  • Enhanced Warm-Edge technology
  • Improved strength and gas retention
  • Improved overall thermal performance
  • Meets Energy Star requirements

Leading Edge Benefits

  • System-matched for GED Ultra Systems
  • All prime material
  • Stocked sizes across North America
  • Competitive prices

Technical Specifications

Compliances:  Energy Star, H.B.Fuller TMHM-067, GED Intercept®, Kommerling, & NFRC

  • Material Thickness: 0.0078″ + / – 0.0004
  • Cut Slit Width Tolerance:  +0.000″ /- 0.005″ burr-free edge
  • Coil Core Size I.D.:  16″
  • Coil O.D.:  36″ maximum
  • Coil Weight of 1: Wide:  225# (approximate)
  • Linear Feet / Coil:  8500 ft (approximate)

Technical Data Sheet on EdgeStar Stainless Steel Intercept

Performance Data

Manufacturer-Specific Thermophysical Property Values of Materials

edgestar chart

Note:  ThinStar® Tin Plate Intercept is interchangeable with EdgeStar® Stainless Steel Intercept on Ultra Systems equipped with the proper tooling. As us about this and any other Leading Edge products.